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How to Turn Your Employees Into Marketing Machines

Employees are some of your most valuable marketing tools, but odds are you aren’t using them to their full marketing capacity. Your employees have the first and last contact with patients, and more often than

  • Content Marketing

Does Content Marketing Matter to Medical Practices?

Content is king. Content marketing really works. … You’ve probably heard something like that a dozen times by now, right? Everywhere you turn on the internet for marketing help or even in local networking groups,

  • Patient First Marketing

10 Super Easy Ways to Put Use Patient-First Marketing Starting Tomorrow

Is your patient top-of-mind in your marketing strategy? They should be. Having a patient-first marketing strategy, something we have been championing since 2006, can help drive ROI, reduce time spent on marketing planning and provide

  • DMT Differentiate

The Secret to Immediately Differentiating Your Practice From Your Competitors

All things equal, why would a patient choose your practice over one down the street? Hint: it’s not your doctor’s credentials. In this episode we discuss how a patient-first marketing approach can create an immediate

  • DMT Retention

3 Easy Ways to Increase Patient Retention

Is your clinic schedule littered with open appointment slots, no-shows or cancellations? Do you have an empty waiting room like the one pictured here? If so, you may need a little help with patient retention,

  • DMT doctor

10 Tips for Marketing Your New Doctor

Marketing a new doctor for your medical practice can be a little intimidating.  There are a lot of expectations when a new doctor is coming on board and when it comes to building a patient base

  • DMT leads

The Secret to Turning Leads Into Patients

You have plenty of potential patients visiting your website every day, but less than 10 percent of them are scheduling appointments. What’s the secret to turning leads into patients? The best way you can begin

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3 Easy Ways to Increase Patient Retention

Is your practice only half full most of the time? What if one of the keys to help you increase patient retention was simply having contact information in an easily accessible place? We don’t mean buried

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How to Easily Build an Email List and Use it Effectively

Do you want to email current and potential patients to increase your marketing efforts? Not sure how to get started? Discover how to easily build an email list and use it effectively below. One of

Market to Your Existing Patients

Like any business, your medical practice needs cash flow. And, the fastest way to increase cash flow is to bring in new business.  You want to bring the most dollars in while limiting the amount of dollars