3 Easy Ways to Increase Patient Retention


Is your clinic schedule littered with open appointment slots, no-shows or cancellations? Do you have an empty waiting room like the one pictured here? If so, you may need a little help with patient retention,

10 Tips for Marketing Your New Doctor


Marketing a new doctor for your medical practice can be a little intimidating.  There are a lot of expectations when a new doctor is coming on board and when it comes to building a patient base

The Secret to Turning Leads Into Patients


You have plenty of potential patients visiting your website every day, but less than 10 percent of them are scheduling appointments. What’s the secret to turning leads into patients? The best way you can begin

Market to Your Existing Patients


Like any business, your medical practice needs cash flow. And, the fastest way to increase cash flow is to bring in new business.  You want to bring the most dollars in while limiting the amount of dollars