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About Last Week…Quick Q&As from Marketers at Medical Practices

We’ve been hearing a lot of the same questions lately from a handful of practices we work with. So for this episode we thought, why not share the answers with our fellow marketers at medical

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Super Easy Ninja Tactics to Boost Employee Engagement and Give Your Practice a Five-Star Advantage

Employees. They're awesome, they help us get stuff done. They're like family. We can't live without them, right? Whatever thought comes to mind when you think of employees, the fact is that your busy medical

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The Secrets Every Practice HR Department Needs to Keep Employees Engaged

Quick. What’s your most valuable marketing resource after your current patients? Your employees. We recorded this week’s episode in Cleveland, Ohio at the Content Marketing World 2016 conference, where the nation’s top marketing and HR

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How to Brand Your Practice During Your Coffee Break and Fill Empty Appointment Slots

Do you use your employees to help brand your practice? Want to know how you can increase staff loyalty and branding power in the community without creating a lot of work for you - or

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The Secret to Managing Outside Teams

Do you rely on outside teams, vendors or contractors to help your practice’s marketing machine run? We all work with some rotating cast of designers, printers, promotional product reps, digital advertising agencies, and on and

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The Sooner You Engage Your Employees The Better

Let’s face it. Millennials are taking over the world. As Baby Boomers continue to retire, they are being replaced by millennials. In the workplace, priorities, ethics and motivations are changing as this new generation takes

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3 Tips for Excellent Patient Service Within 3 Minutes of Patients Walking In Your Door

Odds are, your new patients are unsure about what’s going on, a little nervous about seeing the doctor and all they want to do is be reassured they are going to have as good of

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Easy Ways to Find the Right Talent for Your Office

What are some easy ways to find the right talent for your office? How can you get the most out of your employees? We share some surefire strategies when it comes to finding, creating and

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Getting the Most Out of Every Phone Call to Your Practice

Patients said phone calls were the worst part about the office experience. So, we thought, “How can we make phone calls better for our client and their patients?” Now that it’s not just about insurance

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3 Essential Medical Office Employee Training Initiatives

Does your office conduct training for new hires? Not just the “here’s what you’ll be doing and how to do it” training; but the “here’s how we expect you to act and thrive in our