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5 Simple Things You Can Do to Blow Patients Away

Sometimes successful marketing is as simple as about going above and beyond to deliver a great customer service experience (especially in today’s age of self-referrals and online reviews that can make or break your bottom

  • Quality Printed Material

The Importance of Quality Printed Material for Your Medical Practice

All things being equal, if a patient had your brochure next to a competitor’s down the street on the table in front of them, which would they choose? This is why quality printed material for

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The Secret to Managing Outside Teams

Do you rely on outside teams, vendors or contractors to help your practice’s marketing machine run? We all work with some rotating cast of designers, printers, promotional product reps, digital advertising agencies, and on and

  • Patient Interactions

Easy Ways to Turn Negative Patient Interactions Into Positives

As more patients flock to social media and online reputation sites like and to publicly air their grievances, how can your practice turn these potential negative customer service interactions into positives for future

  • Patient testimonials

How Patient Testimonials Can Drive Appointments

Do you want to grow your medical practice easier, faster and more effectively?  How can you, as a medical practice administrator, a physician managing your own clinic or a medical marketing professional, engage potential customers

  • DMT Yelp

10 Yelp Problems Your Medical Practice Will Have to Overcome and How to Fix Them

Yelp is great for finding a yummy sushi place, but it’s a challenging, unintuitive space when it comes to monitoring and controlling your physician’s online reputation. In this episode, we share 10 of the common

  • Crisis Management Plan

Your 5-Step Immediate Crisis Management Plan

You never think it can happen to you, your office, or your employees. Although you can never expect when a crisis situation will arise, you can at least be prepared when it does with our

  • Big Healthgrades Changes

Taking Advantage of Big Healthgrades Changes

Healthgrades is one of the largest online reputation management (ORM) websites with information on more than 3 million U.S. healthcare providers and over a million daily visitors. Recently, the ORM giant has announced several key

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The Sooner You Engage Your Employees The Better

Let’s face it. Millennials are taking over the world. As Baby Boomers continue to retire, they are being replaced by millennials. In the workplace, priorities, ethics and motivations are changing as this new generation takes

  • Patient First Marketing

10 Super Easy Ways to Put Use Patient-First Marketing Starting Tomorrow

Is your patient top-of-mind in your marketing strategy? They should be. Having a patient-first marketing strategy, something we have been championing since 2006, can help drive ROI, reduce time spent on marketing planning and provide