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  • DMT Podcast Pinterest Featured

The SEO Secrets of Pinterest and Why It’s Better Than Facebook

If you’re like most, you think of Pinterest and immediately think of decorating ideas, delicious (super unhealthy) recipes and closet organization. But think again. Did you know that today’s top brands are getting almost 22%

  • DMT social cutsomer service Podcast Featured

Social Customer Service Now Vital to Sustaining and Growing Your Medical Practice

The digital landscape is changing once again, especially in the way we interact with patients online.  As a medical practice manager, either you keep up or get left in the dust.  So, what are the

  • DMT Seminar Podcast Featured

How to Boost Attendance at Your Practice’s Next Marketing Event or Seminar

Doctor’s talks, seminars, and health fairs have been great ways for medical practices to promote themselves and put their doctors in front of hundreds of people. But some practices do a better job of

  • DMT Podcast Featured File Types

The Difference Between Image File Types for Design (with Downloadable Checklist!)

Nothing can throw a wrench in your morning like being asked for a file type you’ve never heard of or having a graphic designer send you strange files you have no idea what to do

  • DMT Podcast Featured newsletter

Should Your Practice Have a Newsletter?

One of the most common questions we get from new clients is, “Should we have a newsletter?” The answer is (probably) yes. So, should your practice have a newsletter? The answer is also (probably)

  • IMG seo mobile featured

How a Bad Mobile Website Can Hurt Your Clinic and Your Reputation

The dawn of a new era has arrived: mobile has finally overtaken desktop as the primary way people access the web. In this podcast, we discuss how a bad mobile website can hurt your clinic

  • DMT Podcast Featured 6 reasons seo

6 Reasons Medical Practices are Afraid of SEO But Shouldn’t Be

To many doctors and practice managers, search engine optimization (SEO) may seem like a complicated technical term reserved for computer geeks and web hackers. How could it have anything to do with the success

  • dmt-linkedin-podcast-featured

6 Ways to Update Your LinkedIn Profile to Benefit You and Your Practice

We know, we know: the thought of updating your LinkedIn profile makes you groan / sigh / scream; or maybe you even shake in your boots when asked to reassess your LinkedIn connections (like Corey,

  • dmt-local-search-results-featured

Taking Advantage of Local Search Results

You’ve probably heard all about the importance of search engine optimization (SEO) in today’s digital landscape, right? But did you know that Google has a local search algorithm that directly impacts where you rank on

  • fb-for-biz-podcast-featured

Facebook Business Manager Can Change the Way You Use Social Media

Did you know there’s a tool to make Facebook advertising even more effective? Sure, you might boost a post here and there, but if you aren’t set up on Facebook Business Manager you’re missing