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How AMP Can Help Transform Your Practice Website and Boost Potential Patient Traffic

Google’s AMP (accelerated mobile pages) are transforming how Google users access information and content on the web from the search giant. There is a huge opportunity for your medical practice to use AMP to boost

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Does Content Marketing Matter to Medical Practices?

Content is king. Content marketing really works. … You’ve probably heard something like that a dozen times by now, right? Everywhere you turn on the internet for marketing help or even in local networking groups,

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How Patient Testimonials Can Drive Appointments

Do you want to grow your medical practice easier, faster and more effectively?  How can you, as a medical practice administrator, a physician managing your own clinic or a medical marketing professional, engage potential customers

  • Patient First Marketing

10 Super Easy Ways to Put Use Patient-First Marketing Starting Tomorrow

Is your patient top-of-mind in your marketing strategy? They should be. Having a patient-first marketing strategy, something we have been championing since 2006, can help drive ROI, reduce time spent on marketing planning and provide

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Apply this One Principle to Your Marketing and Watch Appointments Soar

All things being equal, why would a patient choose your practice over the one around the corner? Here’s a hint: it’s not your doctor’s credentials. Traditionally, and even until recently, doctors’ and physicians’ approaches to

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Discover How One Practice Achieved a 1200% Increase in Appointment Requests in One Year

Yep, you read that right. A website redesign helped a practice earn more appointments in one month than they did throughout the previous year. How was that accomplished? What can you do to achieve similar

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The Secret to Immediately Differentiating Your Practice From Your Competitors

All things equal, why would a patient choose your practice over one down the street? Hint: it’s not your doctor’s credentials. In this episode we discuss how a patient-first marketing approach can create an immediate

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10 Tips for Marketing Your New Doctor

Marketing a new doctor for your medical practice can be a little intimidating.  There are a lot of expectations when a new doctor is coming on board and when it comes to building a patient base

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Why Inbound Marketing is the Next Big Thing for Your Practice

What if there was a way to market your practice that delivered 54 percent more leads than traditional paid marketing? If you could deliver double the leads for less money, would you do it? According

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Is Your Marketing Getting Results, or Just Making Noise?

In the high-cost world of advertising, how do you know you’re spending your dollars in the right place? Tracking your advertising and marketing results is incredibly important to ensure your campaign is not only branding