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  • Fill Empty Appointment Slots

How to Brand Your Practice During Your Coffee Break and Fill Empty Appointment Slots

Do you use your employees to help brand your practice? Want to know how you can increase staff loyalty and branding power in the community without creating a lot of work for you - or

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Open a New Medical Office Location in 5 Easy Steps

So you’re expanding or moving your office. That’s great news, but now what? Don’t pull out the ribbon cutting scissors just yet, you’ve got some work to do! While something that is new is exciting,

  • Quality Printed Material

The Importance of Quality Printed Material for Your Medical Practice

All things being equal, if a patient had your brochure next to a competitor’s down the street on the table in front of them, which would they choose? This is why quality printed material for

  • free media

Zika and the News: A Discussion on Earning Free Media

Zika. HIV. A potential cure for baldness (especially appealing to one of our hosts). These medical alerts and updates are all over the news, so how can you position yourself as a local expert to

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Increase Physician Referrals With These Proven Marketing Tactics

Do you want to know how to improve physician referral marketing efforts for your medical practice? Many specialists face a crowded market, and primary care groups are getting direct competition from retail clinics. Phone book

  • DMT doctor

10 Tips for Marketing Your New Doctor

Marketing a new doctor for your medical practice can be a little intimidating.  There are a lot of expectations when a new doctor is coming on board and when it comes to building a patient base

Tips and Tricks for Engaging Your Next Patient in the Community

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Module 3.1 – Public Relations for Your Practice

Module 3.1 is all about how to use public relations effectively and appropriately  to generate more patient appointments for your practice. Settle in and check out our in-depth webinar focusing on how you can take your public

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Module 3.3 – The Lost Art of Building Relationships

Module 3.3 (the last module before our course recap by the way) discusses building relationships and who to build them with to grow your medical practice. In this Session we Discuss: How to Strengthen Relationships with Better

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Free Graphic Design Resource for Your Medical Practice

Your response? “No problem. I’ll get right on it.” But in your head, you picture yourself screaming and ripping out your hair trying to get this graphic design masterpiece done. You don't know how to