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What to Expect With Your Next Website

As more patients look to the Internet before making a decision about their healthcare, your website plays a pivotal role in helping you attract and retain more patients. So what should you expect with your next

  • How to Improve Referral Marketing Efforts Overnight

Turning Patients Into Online Advocates

Online advocates promote your practice in organic, SEO friendly ways and they can help drive dozens (maybe even hundreds) of friends and family members through your doors using the Internet. Did you know searching for

Tips and Tricks for Engaging Your Next Patient in the Community

  • If each aspect of your online reputation is a wheel, which should you grease most?

The Many Facets of Reputation Management Explained

What is it they say, squeaky wheel gets the grease? This phrase is especially true when it comes to greasing the wheels of online reputation management (ORM) for your practice and physicians. In this webinar,

How to Verify and Claim Your Practice on Google

Do you want to verify and claim your practice on Google but aren’t sure how? This 4-minute webinar will walk you through every step of the process to verify and claim your practice on Google, the world’s

How to Resize a Photo or Logo in Under 2 Minutes

Have you ever needed to resize a photo or logo quickly? Are you tired of asking someone in the office or a graphic designer to do it for you? This 2-minute webinar shows you how. We’ve

How to Create Great Looking Social Media Images for Free

Marketing your practice on social media doesn’t have to be expensive or time-consuming. In fact, there are dozens of free resources out there to help you create professional looking social media images without any prior design knowledge.

Easy Content Curation for Your Social Sites

D.I.Y. Guide to Video for Your Practice

Boosting LinkedIn Content for Your Medical Practice

Does your medical practice have a LinkedIn Business Page? Do you want to know how to use this page as a vehicle to deliver quality content to your followers? In this 4-minute webinar, we show