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Content Marketing

300 SEO (2)Content marketing is the practice of creating, publishing and sharing content with the goal of building your reputation and increasing the visibility of your brand.

Our content marketing solutions will position your practice to attract and retain more patients.  We only work with medical practices, so we have a unique understanding of what it takes to make you stand out from your competitors.  Our content strategies are customized to your specialty, your practice and your potential patients.

The Facts on Content Marketing for Your Practice

  • 80% of decision-makers prefer to get company information in a series of articles versus an advertisement.
  • Using content driven tactics will save you 13% cost per lead.
  • Inbound marketing reduces your average cost per lead by $230 per patient.
  • 84% of all marketers agree that building consumer trust will become marketing’s primary objective in the near future.
  • Adopting an inbound strategy doubles average website conversion rates, from 6% to 12%.
  • An effective content marketing strategy will include video, graphics and long form content.

Key Takeaway: Content Marketing delivers your best ROI and will position you as an expert in your specialty.

Content Marketing

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How will content marketing help me attract and retain more patients? Let’s find out.

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Content Marketing

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“Insight has provided us with a constant stream of content, social media management and physician rating monitoring. Since enlisting their services we’ve seen our organic page rank on Google skyrocket with visitors to our website increasing month-over-month.”
Debbie, Executive Director | Ear, Nose and Throat Practice