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Online Reputation Management

ORM Increase (2)Are you frustrated by what people are saying about your doctor or practice online? Do you want to know how to remove (or at least respond) to these reviews? Does it drive you nuts when you search your doc’s name and there are only two stars next to it?  Or, what about when you review your practice profile and the information is wrong (and you just fixed it last week)?

Our Online Reputation Management services provide you peace of mind because you’ll know that you’ve got somebody out there working to protect the brand integrity of your practice and physicians.

Our Reputation Management Solution

Review Notifications – Know when something is said about you across the web’s most popular review sites at a glance.  We perform over 1,000 unique searches for your physicians and will alert you whenever a new review or user comment is found that needs to be addressed.

Immediate Responses – When a negative review occurs, we will work with a designated person in your office to create a response and have it posted immediately.  Where applicable, we will work to have negative reviews removed altogether.

Profile Claiming – We’ll claim your profile across the most popular review sites like HealthGrades, Vitals and RateMDs so you don’t have to worry about who has control over your listings.

Enhanced Profile Listings – Profiles are updated with headshots, treatment options, accepted insurances, CV information and more.  We also continually monitor your profiles to look for changes in phone numbers, addresses and other relevant contact information.

Monthly Reports – We’ll send you a monthly ‘Review Health’ report card directly to your inbox.

Key Takeaway: It’s easy and affordable to take control of your online reputation.

Reputation Management

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What is reputation management and how does it impact your practice? Let’s Find Out.

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Online Reputation Management

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“Insight has provided us with a constant stream of content, social media management and physician rating monitoring. Since enlisting their services we’ve seen our organic page rank on Google skyrocket with visitors to our website increasing month-over-month.”
Debbie, Executive Director | Ear, Nose and Throat Practice